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Michelle Lander Feinberg’s award-winning Cooper the Dog book series introduces young readers to the energetic, captivating world of an oversized, lovable rescue dog and his adoptive family. Join Cooper as he makes new friends, travels the world, and learns that dogs and humans make all kinds of sounds and smells. Written in hilarious rhyming doggerel poetry, and beautifully illustrated by Anna Mosca, the series is a visual treat to share with kids, caregivers, parents, and dog lovers everywhere.


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Dogs are people too! At least, that is what Cooper the rescue dog believes! This hilarious, delightful dog adventure helps to teach young readers about kindness to animals and pet adoption. 
For children ages 2-8 and their families.



What does Dean Norris say about Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog?

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Cooper is enjoying the book and thinking they MUST be talking about some other Cooper!


Myth Busting about shelter and rescue animals! Did you know… 


1. They aren’t all mutts! (not that there’s anything wrong with that..) You can find almost any purebred dog through a rescue group!

2. They aren’t all older animals! (again…) Shelters and rescue groups get plenty of puppies and young dogs.

3. Many shelter animals are healthier than pet store animals! Just say NO to pet shops/puppy mills!

4. History a mystery? Not always! Info from previous owners as well as thorough observation provides a lot of good insight.

Cooper is a rescue mutt- come meet him! (please just don’t tell him he’s a dog).


Creating Cooper

Michelle Lander Feinberg is an attorney who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their five children, a rescue dog, and a rescue mouse (yes, a mouse). As a life-long animal advocate, she is a strong supporter of animal welfare organizations and does her best to spread the word of the importance of adopting pets from animal shelters and rescue groups. 


You can Help the Animals!

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