About the Author

Michelle Lander Feinberg is an attorney who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Andrew, their five children, a rescue dog, and a mouse (yes, a mouse). As a life-long animal advocate, she is a strong supporter of animal welfare organizations and does her best to spread the word of the importance of adopting pets from animal shelters and rescue groups. After all, #dogsarepeopletoo !

How You can Help the Animals!


https://rescuegroups.org/adoption-listing-websites/   Any of these shelters are looking support, whether monetary or donations of supplies. You can contact them to see just what they need!



You can contact your local shelters which you can find on www.petfinder.com to see if they are accepting volunteers. Alternatively, you could run bake sales or car washes, drives to gather used towels and blankets, drives for dog/cat food, supplies and donate these to the shelters.